2015 Grand K-POP Festival


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2015 K Pop stage


The 2015 Grand K-POP Festival with famous K-pop stars will be held at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium in Korea on September 4, 2015.



JB from San Diego: Diving into the heart of Seoul, my daughters and I found ourselves swept up in the vibrant whirlwind of a festival that was nothing short of magical. With hearts beating in unison with the fervor of CNBLUE and BTS devotees, we were amongst those who had gathered to celebrate not just music, but a confluence of cultures and passions. Every performance felt like a journey through time and emotion, with traditional Korean dance acts stealing our breath away. The drummers, with their rhythmic prowess, seemed to speak a universal language that resonated deep within our souls, compelling our bodies to move in rhythm.

Surrounded by a sea of youth, the energy was infectious, each cheer a testament to the collective joy and admiration for the talents on stage. Yet, amidst the excitement, there was a graceful etiquette that colored the crowd, a shared understanding of respect that made the experience all the more special.

Amidst the diverse sea of fandoms, one quirky observation caught my eye - the unmistakable prevalence of Batman t-shirts. It was a curious sight that sparked a realization about the widespread appeal of this iconic superhero in Korea, a symbol that transcended cultural boundaries and spoke to the hero in all of us. Made me realize that not all the Batman shirt fans are in the US! This revelation shed light on the generational shift towards a unique form of identity expression, where music icons and superheroes alike serve as beacons of inspiration and belonging. The festival was more than just a musical spectacle; it was a canvas of modern youth culture, painting a picture of a generation unafraid to wear their passions on their sleeves.

As we left, basking in the afterglow of an unforgettable day, it was clear this experience would echo in our hearts for years to come. My daughters, with stars in their eyes and dreams bigger than ever, had found a new layer of connection to the world, and perhaps, to themselves. This wasn't just a festival; it was a memory etched in time, a story we would recount with smiles and laughter, long into the future.



This event was planned to give fans of Hallyu - the wave of Korean pop culture – from around the world an opportunity to enjoy performances of some of the hottest K-pop stars for free.
In addition, participants in the festival can enjoy the whole day involved in various activities including experiencing the Korean culture in various booths during the festival.
In particular, this event is will be held during the 2015 Korea Grand Sale period (August 14, 2015~October 31, 2015) which offers huge discounts to foreign tourists in all areas such as accommodations, concerts, and shopping during their stay in Korea. So you can enjoy K-both K-pop performances and sightseeing in Korea on the same trip! The organizers encourage all tourists and fans to respect the rights of others. Please take with you everything you bring - don't leave trash or food items in any of the venues. Litter and trash increases the cost of these performances and we'd like to minimize that outlay. Although we have a good relationship with the trash bags wholesale vendor & provider of cleaning services, they honor their contract based on our ability to keep the work load to minimum. Thank you for respecting this goal!
Visit Korea and meet the hottest K-pop stars like Girls’ Generation and CNBLUE!
Ticket Opening : 20 Thursday, 2015 13:00PM (KST) ~ till fully booked
Registration Guide
Access the official website for the GRAND K-POP FESTIVAL(www.grandkpopfestival.com)
Fill in the registration form. Then print out a festival coupon.
Bring the festival coupon 1. with your passport and e-ticket (for foreign individual traveller) or 2. with your passport and alien registration card (for foreign nationals in Korea)
- Admission : Free of charge

- Ticket Office Opening Hour : 2:00 PM ~ 6:30 PM

- Entry Time : 5:30 PM ~ 7:00 PM

2015 K Pop audience

There are two categories, Arena / Stand.

- Arena seat: Seating arrangement (seat type) within the playground near the stage

- Stand seat: Seating arrangement on the 2nd and 3rd floor (seat type)

Seating position is marked on the coupon by area distinguished by the distance from the stage.

1) Prioritize placement of arena seats for group travelers

2) Distribute closer areas from the stage to individual travelers according to the following criteria

- Travelers with the highest priority ranking: Travelers uploading a copy of an air ticket (such as e-ticket) that can be proved that they visited Korea on August 6, 2015 when applying from the website

* If the false proof is found, the admission ticket can not be redeemed

- Travelers with the second highest priority: Foreign travelers registered from the event homepage

* Place the area in the order of registration in the homepage within the same priority order

* Seats in the area do not have designated seats and are assigned in order of reception to the ticket booth on the day of the event


Event Review:

The 2015 Grand K-POP Festival was a spectacular event, showcasing the vibrant energy and diverse talent of the K-pop industry. The Seoul Olympic Main Stadium was filled with enthusiastic fans from all around the world, creating an electric atmosphere.


Highlights of the Festival:

K-Pop group Girls Generation

1. Performances: The performances by top K-pop groups like Girls’ Generation and CNBLUE were breathtaking. The artists' energetic routines and vocal prowess left the audience in awe. The stage was set with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, enhancing the overall experience.

K-Pop group CNBlue

2. Cultural Booths: The festival also offered a unique opportunity to explore Korean culture through various booths. Attendees could try traditional Korean food, learn about Korean history, and even try on Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress.

3. Fan Interactions: Several fan interaction events were organized where fans could meet their favorite artists, get autographs, and take photos. These sessions were highly appreciated and added a personal touch to the festival.

4. Environmental Awareness: The organizers' emphasis on environmental responsibility was commendable. Fans were encouraged to maintain cleanliness, and recycling stations were set up throughout the venue.

Overall, the 2015 Grand K-POP Festival was not just a musical event but a celebration of Korean culture and the global impact of K-pop. It left an unforgettable impression on all who attended and set a high standard for future K-pop festivals.


Event Review - Performances:

The 2015 Grand K-POP Festival was an unforgettable showcase of the dynamic and colorful world of K-pop, captivating a global audience at the Seoul Olympic Main Stadium.

1. Girls’ Generation: The iconic girl group, Girls’ Generation, delivered a stunning performance. They opened their act with the hit song "Gee," which was met with thunderous applause. Their perfectly synchronized dance moves and powerful vocals in songs like "I Got a Boy" and "Lion Heart" were a testament to their status as K-pop royalty.

2. CNBLUE: The popular rock band, CNBLUE, electrified the crowd with their energetic performance. Their set included fan favorites like "I'm a Loner" and "Can't Stop." The band's live vocals and instrumental prowess showcased a different flavor of K-pop, emphasizing the genre's diversity.

3. BTS: The rising stars, BTS, proved their global appeal with a high-energy performance. Their songs "Dope" and "I Need U" were highlights, showcasing their unique blend of hip-hop and pop. The group's charismatic stage presence and powerful choreography left the audience in awe.

4. EXO: EXO's performance was a visual spectacle. The group performed hits like "Call Me Baby" and "Growl," demonstrating their intricate dance routines and vocal skills. The use of advanced stage technology, including pyrotechnics and holographic imagery, added to the excitement.

5. Cultural Performances: Traditional Korean music and dance acts also graced the stage, providing a cultural interlude. These performances included traditional drumming, fan dances, and the elegant court dance known as "Chunaengjeon."

6. Collaborative Stages: One of the most anticipated parts of the festival were the collaborative stages where artists from different groups performed together. These unique performances included mashups and reinterpretations of popular K-pop songs, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for fans.

7. Audience Engagement: The festival was not just about the performances. Interactive zones allowed fans to engage in dance-offs, karaoke challenges, and VR experiences that simulated being on stage with their favorite idols.

8. Environmental Initiatives: The festival also promoted environmental awareness. Along with recycling efforts, it featured special booths educating attendees about sustainability in the music industry.

Overall, the 2015 Grand K-POP Festival was a phenomenal celebration of K-pop, blending high-octane performances with cultural depth. It was a testament to the universal language of music and the unifying power of K-pop.



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